ARTRA is committed to quality, trust, and customer sensitivity; delivering on promises with agility, financial prudence and in tune with the highest global standards.

Quality Policy

Ensuring we deliver high-quality products to our customers around the world and comply with the laws and regulations which govern our business activities have been long-standing principles at ARTRA. Adherence to these principles is the responsibility of every employee and is critical to help protect and enhance the reputation of ARTRA.

R&D Policy

As a research and development company, ARTRA offers a range of custom services including raw-material characterization, concrete development, and optimization, development of cement-bonded high-tech materials, production line development, certification, and testing – along with strategy and business development for new concrete innovations.


As a research & development company for lightweight concrete technology bonded high-tech materials we realized more than 50 projects worldwide since the company started.

Environmental Policy

ARTRA recognizes the environmental responsibilities associated with all the aspects of its operations and as a matter of policy seeks to avoid, reduce and mitigate any potential adverse effects on the environment.


High chemical stability,

Advanced chemical processing facilities,

Guaranteed high levels of chemical concentration for controlled usage,

Cost competitive price structures

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