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Cementless Insulation Plate

Lightweight Stonbor Building Elements

Thermal insulation.
Sound insulation.
Flame resistant.
Cleans the air.
Not affected by water

HEAT INSULATION: Stonbor provides very good insulation thanks to the air gap and cells in the structure of lightweight plates. Therefore, no additional insulation material is required. The dry weight of the thermal insulation plates is 150 kg / m3 and the insulation properties are good.

Thermal conductivity: λ  dry = 0.055 W / mk

Fire resistance: A1. DIN 4102 class


For Green Buildings.



It is a cellular lightweight product formed by mixing the resin based foamed material with the calcium silicate mortar.
It is the formation of a porous structure as a result of the formation of closed cells in the calcium, after the calcium-silicate mortar has dried.

HEAT INSULATION: Light-cellular block or panel walls; Thanks to the air gap cells in its structure, it insulates very well. Therefore, no additional insulation material is required. The density of the thermal insulation panels is 130 - 200 kg / m3 and the insulation properties are good.

FIRE RESISTANCE: 150 mm thick lightweight Stonbor wall is fire resistant for approximately 5 hours.

SOUND INSULATION: The air gaps in the Stonbor block give a very good sound absorption feature. It is used as intermediate wall and  floor covering.

MATERIAL SAVING: Static loads of buildings are reduced due to the lightness of Cellular calcium-silicate blocks ve panels; Thus, a significant reduction in the amount of concrete and iron used can be achieved, thereby saving both building construction and labor costs.

QUICK AND EASY Application: Our lightweight calcium-silicate based products with cells are easy to carry, easy to work with. Therefore, it is possible to cover large surfaces in a short time and with less labor.

EASY TO USE: It is very important to be easy to use. Porous calcium-silicate blocks and plates work with simple tools; It is easily cut with a saw, drilled easily with a nail or auger.

ENERGY SAVING: Cellular calcium-silicate based block and panel keep the building warm in winter and cool in summer thanks to its good thermal insulation. reduces energy costs by 40%.

BIOLOGICAL RESISTANCE: Cellular Stonbor products do not rot and do not age. It is resistant to water and moisture. Cellular Stonbor products are not harmful to human and animal health.

It provides good heat and sound insulation due to the closed cells in it. Thanks to its air purification feature, it creates healthy living environments. The waste of the product does not cause environmental pollution. Due to the advantages of the product, it can be used on a large scale at every stage of the construction industry.

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