It is a cement-based concrete produced with styrofoam granules.  Due to the styrofoam granules in the concrete, it shows very good insulation properties.  Therefore, no additional insulation material is required.

 Density: 200 kg / m3, - 400 kg / m3

 Thermal conductivity (d: 6 cm): 0.065 w / mk

 Fire resistance: DIN 4102 class A

 Heat and Sound Insulation Lightweight Screed System

   POLIBETON is a combination of specially produced Eps Styrofoam particles and POLIFIL additive material at factory conditions.  Polibeton is applied after being mixed with Portland cement and water in certain proportions in the construction environment.

 Poly concrete granules are used instead of sand to give an exceptional lightness to concrete and screed and give thermal and sound insulation values ​​that are incomparable to conventional concrete.  The hollow structure of the Eps particles provides lightness to the concrete, low heat conduction values, and at the same time absorbs the inter-layer impact sounds that are important in multi-layer structures.



  • 10 times lighter than standard concrete.

  •  It provides high thermal insulation values.

  •  It provides high sound insulation values.

  •  Good resistance to fire and fire.

  •  Durable.

  •  Dries quickly.

  •  Breathing, water vapor permeability.

  •  Excellent fluid.

  •  It provides excellent dimensional stability.

  •  Perfectly compatible with water and cement.

  •  Ceramics, parquet flooring can be applied on it.

  •  It can be used as a filling material under the floor heating system.

  •  The inclined screed can be applied.

  •  It can be applied as a thermal insulation layer.

  •  It can be applied as light thermal insulation for terraces and balconies.

  •  It can be applied on wood and steel construction floors.

  •  Production of block wall panels.

  •  Bricks production. 


 Place the styrofoam granules in the mixer.  Put the amount of POLIFIL to be added Add water to the cement and mix.  Add cement and other filling materials and continue to mix.  Ready to use when foaming.  Drying time is normal concrete time.


 Auxiliary Products and Equipments:

 POLIFIL: E.P.S Styrofoam Granular Concrete Admixture

 Cement: Portlan cement PO 32,5 - 42,5, - 52,5

 Sand and Fillers: Optional

 Water: Cement water requirement.

 Classic concrete mixer: create cement mortar.

 Mortar transfer pump: vertical and horizontal conveyor

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