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Liquid Additives



​GENFIL PW (Foam Agent): It is a resin-based foaming agent developed for the production of Cellular lightweight Gypsum in the construction industry. The aqueous solution is expanded by air pressure to form foam. Light gypsum is produced by adding this foam to the gypsum mortar. .


1-) Gypsum-based, heat-insulated light block production.

2-) Gypsum-based heat-insulated wall panel production.

3-) Gypsum based light plate production.


GENFIL Foaming Agent is mixed with water and produced from the foaming machine with 3-4 bar air pressure. The foam unit volume produced was tested as an appropriate ratio of 50-70 gr/L.

The foam is added to the gypsum mortar and heat insulated light products are obtained. Concrete compressive strength increases after Gypsum Concrete dries.


Content: Based on organic resin

Color: Black

Density: 1.05 kg/Lt -Liquid

Shelf life: 2 Years

Storage: Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight.


• It is not harmful to the environment due to its natural structure.

• The effective strength of the foam surface membrane, its ability to bear the surface load at the maximum.

• Having the ability to split in case of increased surface load.

• Anti-Bacterial, Does not cause mold on concrete.

• Foam density can be adjusted as 40-60 gr/lt.

• Gypsum Concrete density can be adjusted 140 kg/m3 – 800 kg/m3.

• It provides a good insulation thanks to micro pores in Gypsum Concrete.

• If the concrete mixing time is prolonged, there can be no volume loss.

• Minimum loss during transfer with the pump.

• It does not create stress on the employee due to its natural scent.

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