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cevreci 2.png

      PROTEC when putting to surface that gives the flammability properties and It's organic which does not damage to the ecological system, intended for use by mixing with water.

      PROTEC a high cooling effect on fire that cause prevent smoke The place does not put out the flames again

when applied to early flammable products such as cotton. wood, paper etc. gives excellent flammability properties. The active substance in PROTECS prevents to reach fire heat degrees. When applied to plant leaf that protects from high temperature during the fire. Leaf surface cleanable by raining and There are no harming. PROTEC 100% soluble in Nature  

PROTEC can be used as a disinfectant, do not harmful to human health.



Color: Purple

Storage: 5 years

PH: 6 - 6,5

Content: Water, Silicon, Aluminum, Calcium

Package: 30 kg - 1000 kg IBC



Spray and dipping method.

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