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Kristal Tuz

Powder Additives


GENOCEL Powder: Resin-based powder foam agent developed for the production of light concrete and lightweight structural elements in the construction sector.

Use in Foam Concrete:
Powder foam agent is mixed with water and passed through a foam machine to form foam.

This foam is added to the aqueous material prepared with cement and gypsum

and thermally insulated lightweight structural elements are obtained.

Lightweight aggregate filled, cement and gypsum-based dry mixture:
It is used in dry mixed packaged light aggregate products. In dry-mixed,

packaged cement, and gypsum-based products, it forms a good mixture

by providing homogeneous distribution of mixing water while preparing concrete and plaster.

It expands the surface area by creating micro air bubbles in the mortar.

  • Makes processing easier by lightening concrete and plaster.

  • In cement-based light aggregate plasters, it prevents water decomposition during surface applications.

  • Increases the adhesion of the plaster to the surface. Prevents decomposition

Example Preparation of Lightweight Concrete and Plaster
Cement 250 kg
Perlite 1200 Lt 60kg / m3
GENOCEL Powder agent 3 kg
Water 200 Lt

GENOCELL foam material consists of antibacterial, enzyme-based polymers. It increases the strength of concrete due to its polymer structure. It strengthens the structure by forming a bond between the aggregate and cement in lightweight aggregate filled plasters. GENOCEL Powder agent, Organic, Does not harm nature, It is not harmful to human health.

1-) Porous light concrete production.
2-) E.P.S. Styrofoam granular Plaster and light concrete production.
3-) Production of Perlite plaster and Perlite light concrete.
4-) Lightweight aggregate filled, lightweight concrete production.

GENOCEL Powder Foam material is mixed with water and foam is created by passing the foam machine through 4-5 bar air pressure. The formed foam is added to the concrete mortar and heat-insulated lightweight concrete is obtained. It provides good strength due to the active protein and enzymes in the foam. After the concrete has dried, the pressure resistance of the concrete increases. There is no brittle layer on the concrete surface.
Foam concrete prepared with GENOCEL Powder Foam Agent Breathes, Does not perspire, Does not hold moisture. It provides long-lasting concrete.
It is composed of antibacterial, enzyme-based, active proteins developed for the construction sector. It is organic, does not harm nature, is not harmful to human health.

Content: Organic Resin-Based
Appearance: Fine powder
Color: Light Brown
Density: 0,80 kg / Lt
Rate of Use (Amount of Cement): 0,2% - 0,8%
Setting Start in Concrete: 20 C Average 2 h
Shelf Life: Unopened packaging 2 Years
Storage: Store away from moisture.
Package: 10 kg Bag

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