ARTRA Construction Co.

  Our company with 25 years of experience in the construction sector, lightweight concrete additives for the production, gypsum additives, heat-insulated plaster additives, concrete additives and waterproofing products are producing.

  In accordance with world standards, our company has made important works in the development of lightweight concrete products with the aim of reducing the cost and energy expenses in the building sector. Foam concrete additives and lightweight concrete production machines have been developed.
  Our products have taken their place in the world market, are used safely in many countries.

Foaming agent:

GENFIL: We are producing high efficiency, organic resin based foam agent which we developed for the production of lightweight concrete and lightweight building elements in the construction sector.


Foam concrete admixtures:

POLGEN: We produce resin and polymer based concrete admixtures that we developed to produce light concrete and increase productivity.


Supply of machinery and equipment:

We manufacture all kinds of machinery for the production of lightweight concrete.


Facility design service:

We provide design of production facilities, machine production and application services.


R & D Business development service:

We also provide product development and application services for lightweight concrete elements.

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Artra Lightweight Concrete Systems.  Esenyurt/ Istanbul /Turkey


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