ARTRA is a brand that creates the products with its "High-Quality lightweight concrete " concept with 25 years of experience in the construction sector.

ARTRA ’s goal is to be the top supplier of concrete services in the world and to bring our expertise and professionalism to each project.  We continue to upgrade and expand our facilities to better serve the growing market for commercial, industrial, educational and other development. For the best value and quality, trust your project to one of the area’s leading lightweight concrete contractors.

Foam concrete is an extremely useful tool in the equipment of a modern construction project manager, and ARTRA lightweight concrete production systems are used in a wide range of building projects around the world.

Foam concrete is an easily-workable, low-density building material that is very economical. Foamed concrete is self-compacting, free-flowing and pumpable and, therefore, easy to place in inaccessible places. It has good thermal and acoustic properties and is also frost resistant.

Cellular foam concrete can be produced in a variety of densities and strengths depending on the application required.

Foam concrete has many significant benefits due to its high air content (up to 90%), making the material ideal for filling voids in underground engineering works, trench reinstatement and tunnel repair. It is also particularly useful for its insulating properties making it perfect for the thermal and soundproofing insulation of floors and flat roofs.


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