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Lightweight Wall Panels


ARTRA  Wall Panels

* Lightweight Wall Panels.

* Special Design and Sizing Opportunity for Your Project.

* Interior wall, Exterior wall and Roof panels.

* Light Panel System Installation is Easy and Economic.

* Cellular Lightweight Concrete Wall System


Cellular Lightweight Concrete is one of the construction materials.

less weight has than normal conventional concrete. It can speed up the construction time, easy to install, and is durable. It also has good thermal insulation property, good sound absorption, good fire resistance, and considered as environment-friendly sustainable material produced with the least energy demand. This wall system used for both indoor and outdoor. The surface has been smooth and patching requires only at joint areas.


Lightweight Concrete Wall panel system consists of the following main parts.

CLC system (Cement, sand, water and organic foam material).

Or lightweight concrete produced with EPS system (Cement, Water, Styrofoam granule).

Our wall panels are made of galvanized steel frame.
Galvanized steel size is 50 x 35-35 x 0.5 mm.



  • It is light and saves on transportation and unloading costs.

  • Due to its lightweight, customer requirements are met quickly, on-site installation is quick.

  • Lightweight concrete is resistant to all weather conditions and environments.

  • It provides energy saving due to its low thermal conductivity or good insulation.

  • Non-toxic and non-flammable substances were used.

  • can be plastered with any plaster available on the market.

  • Cellular lightweight concrete provides good sound and heat insulation.

  • Easy to install, easy to maintain and low cost with less labor.

Wall panels are produced according to your project.
Shipped from to every country.

ARTRA Foam Concrete Wall Panels
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