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Powder Additives


GENFİL (Foam Agent) It is a high efficient, organic resin-based foam agent developed for the production of lightweight concrete and lightweight structural elements in the construction sector.  The foam material is composed of antibacterial, enzyme-based, active proteins.  It is organic, does not harm nature, is not harmful to human health.

GENFİL (Foaming Agent) Concentrated GENFİL Foaming agent is added to clean water in a 1.5% - 2% ratio.  This solution is passed through the foam machine to form a foam.  The volume of foam produced was tested as a suitable ratio of 80 - 90 g / L.  This foam is added to the aqueous material prepared with cement and gypsum and heat-insulated lightweight structural elements are obtained.

 Produced foam provides a homogeneous mixture in a short time by bonding with cement grout.  During mixing, the foams form a homogeneous distribution in the cement and each particle forms an independent roof.  It provides good strength due to the active protein and enzymes in the foam.  After the concrete has dried, the pressure resistance of the concrete increases.  No dusting, no brittle layer on the concrete surface.

 Foam concrete prepared with GENFİL Breathable does not perspire, does not hold moisture.  It provides long-lasting concrete.


  1. Heat insulated porous lightweight concrete production.

  2. Production of heat-insulated light bricks, briquettes, block bricks, wall panels.

  3. Heat and sound insulation screed production.

  4. Fiber-reinforced concrete backing, filling concrete for heat insulation purposes.

  5. Cement and gypsum-based light plate production.

  6. Production of heat-insulated lightweight tiles and ceramics.

  7. Basement floors in buildings, sub-ground filling concrete for thermal insulation purposes.

  8. Light filling concrete to prevent collapses around the structure.

  9. Porous filling concrete for underground water drainage.

  10. Filling concrete under the road to prevent icing on the bridge and bridge road.

  11. Lightweight concrete production for tunnel and well-filling purposes.

  12. E.P.S.  production of heat-insulated lightweight concrete with styrofoam granules.

  13. Production of Perlite plaster and Perlite light concrete.

  14. Production of heat-insulated lightweight floor and wall in steel structure systems.

  15. It is used in lightweight of Wall, Flooring and Carrier elements in single-story houses.




 Contents: Organic

 Color: Black

 Density: 1.05 kg / Lt-Liquid

 Usage Density in Foam Concrete: 80-90 gr / LT

 Release time of foam surface water: 5 hours,

 Setting Start in Concrete: 20 C Average 2 h

 Shelf life: Unopened packaging 24 Months

 Storage: Keep in a cool place


  • Having a natural structure is not harmful to human health.

  • It is exploded in the foam production machine by adding water in certain proportions.

  • The effective resistance of foam surface membrane, maximum surface load.

  • Ability to split in case of the increased surface load.

  • It is anti-bacterial, effective against mold.

  • Foam density can be adjusted to 50-90 gr / lt.

  • The dry density of concrete can be adjusted from 150 kg / m3 to 1600 kg / m3.

  • Good insulation thanks to micropores in concrete.

  • No loss of volume in case of prolonged concrete mixing time.

  • Minimum loss during transfer by the pump.

  • R - N can be used in all Cement.  32,5-42,5-52,5

  • Shortens the lining time of concrete.  Air temperature 25 C Mold time 5 hours

  • Thanks to NANO technology, the bubble surface has active protein.

  • Produced foam Free to stand for 6 hours.

  • It does not create stress on the employee because of its natural smell.

How to Produce Foam Concrete

Cellular Cement Concrete
Cellular Gypsum Artra
Lightwight Gypsum, Genfil

Cellular Cement Concrete

Cellular Gypsum Concrete
Genfil foam
Foam Production
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