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Lightweight Concrete Building Elements


Cellular Lightweight Concrete Block

Foam concrete is highly insulated.
Foam concrete has very low (0.11 W / mK) thermal conductivity with its homogeneous and smooth structural properties. This feature provides high thermal insulation.
Therefore, it eliminates the need for sheathing in structures. Foam concrete not only provides great savings in terms of economy but also makes it easier to obtain an energy identity certificate for your building.


Foam concrete is highly sound insulated.
Foam concrete blocks High sound absorption, the best protection against noise from external and neighboring walls.
It can be easily used in all areas where the human element needs sound insulation such as houses, hospitals, schools, hotels, laboratories, libraries and workplaces. Foam concrete performs its duty in sound insulation in the best way.


Foam concrete is light and robust.
Foam concrete, lightweight, durable, suitable for all regions and climates with solid character is built. The load on the buildings is significantly reduced.


Foam concrete does not burn.
Foam concrete Class A1 is non-flammable due to the properties of the raw material it contains. This feature protects your building against fires.


The water absorption of foam concrete is low.
Due to the closed pores in the foam concrete structure, it does not absorb water. At the same time, the appropriate water vapor permeability allows your building to breathe comfortably.


Foam concrete Easy to apply.
Thanks to its easy portability and easy cutability, it provides the possibility to be installed anywhere in any size and does not tire the master.
In addition, it provides convenience in all kinds of assembly applications with its comfortable and robust anchor holding feature.

Foam concrete keeps plaster easily, Unbreakable, Crackable.
Thanks to its porous structure and low water absorbency of foam concrete, it keeps plaster easily and eliminates the use of mesh.

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