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Concrete Admixtures and Other Products

Ready for use mixed concrete, precast concrete, lightweight concrete, ready-mixed plaster mortars. Used in mixing concrete mortar.

fibers prevent concrete from cracking, protect concrete against impacts. Polypropylene fibers are compatible with all types of cement, increasing the cutting and breaking resistance in concrete.

100% pure polypropylene fibers are distributed homogeneously in concrete to form a three-dimensional micro reinforcement system. Thus, it connects aggregate and cement.

Increases the strength of concrete. Increases water impermeability. Reduces capillary shrinkage cracks. Increases abrasion, breaking and breaking strength. It increases buckling strength and fatigue resistance. It is easy to use. It is used by mixing with mortar concrete.
Fibers strengthen the structure by improving the weak tensile and shrinkage strength of Foam Concrete.

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