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Kristal Tuz

Liquid Additives


E.P.S Styrofoam granular mortar - concrete admixture

 It forms a bond between styrofoam granules and cement mortar. 

It creates air bubbles in the cement mortar accumulated in the gap

between the granules and reduces the cement consumption. 

It provides good strength due to the crystallization in the inner wall

of the cement mortar surrounding the air bubbles surface.

Prepared with POLİFİL, Styrofoam Granulated concrete Breathable,

Does not perspiration, Moisture-proof.  It provides long-lasting concrete.

Styrofoam Granulated Concrete

Concrete Surface No dusting.

Concrete, Concrete surface becomes hard and Strength.

Styrofoam does not to the surface.

There is no need to cover the screed surface with concrete.

Ceramic, Tiles, Stone, Parquet Can be easily bonded.

Styrofoam Concrete does not collapse under Heavy Load.

 Polifil, Styrofoam concrete

 Used in screed Construction.

 Used in block panel production.

 Used in block Brick production.

 Used in casting on-site production.

 Used in the lintel and Asmolen production.

 Used in thermally insulated plaster on the exterior.

 It can be used as all kinds of Filling and Insulation concrete.



 Ingredients: Organic

 Color: Brown

 Density: 1.05 kg / Lt

 Shelf life: 1-year unopened packaging

 Storage: Store in a cool place

 Consumption: 1 kg POLIFIL for 1 m3 Strafom Granular Concrete

 Organic based, does not harm nature, is recyclable.

 Not harmful to human health.

 Place the E.P.S styrofoam granules in the mixer.  Put the amount of POLIFIL to be added, Mix by adding mortar mixture water.  Add cement and other fillers, continue to mix.  Ready to use when foaming.  Drying time is a normal concrete time.

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