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Kristal Tuz

Liquid Additives


It forms a bond between perlite and cement.  During the mortar mixture, a homogeneous mixture is obtained which covers the surface of the perlite grains.

It creates micro air bubbles in cement mortar and reduces cement consumption.  Thanks to micro air bubbles, it increases the thermal insulation values ​​of perlite concrete and facilitates its processing.

Prepared with NEOSUL Perlite concrete and plaster, Low water absorption rate, Does not sweat, Breathable.  Ensures long life of concrete and plaster.



 Ingredients: Organic

 Color: Black

 Density: 1 kg / Lt

 Shelf life: 24 months

 Package: Plastic drum 30 kg, 1000 kg IBS

 Storage: Store in a cool place

 Usage: It is added to cement mixed water.

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